The ABSM has ceased offering the Certified Behavioral Sleep Medicine Examination effective October 31, 2014. The last test date offered was October 18, 2014. We will provide more information about the future CBSM exam and the process as it becomes available.

The domain of behavioral sleep medicine comprises the behavioral dimension of normal and abnormal sleep mechanisms and prevention, assessment, and treatment of sleep disorders and associated behavioral and emotional problems through the application of established principles of behavior change.

The eligibility requirements was recently expanded and format of the examination was recently revised to better promote behavioral sleep medicine and foster the growth of individuals certified in behavioral sleep medicine. The examination is open to applicants who possess a postdoctoral degree (e.g., PhD) and valid license, and meet the outlined educational and training/experience requirements.

The 2014 Certified Behavioral Sleep Medicine Examination is offered through the ABSM’s testing partner, Kryterion.  Eligible candidates will take the examination at one of Kyterion’s testing locations in the United States or Canada; a list of locations is available on their website.  After review and approval of applications eligible candidates will receive instructions on how to register with Kryterion and schedule a testing date.           

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Contact the ABSM national office for more information about the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Exam.