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Disclaimer: Certification by the American Board of Sleep Medicine does not in itself confer authority to practice medicine beyond the authority granted by a state that issues a license to practice medicine.

The American Board of Sleep Medicine throughout its history offered non-physicians, specifically PhDs, the opportunity to sit for its examination. Many PhD candidates over the years successfully passed the examination and received the designation "diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine." This designation must not be interpreted to mean that the American Board of Sleep Medicine designation supersedes any state or federal law with regard to medical license requirements for the treatment of patients. Those who have successfully passed the exam MUST be careful not to practice medicine outside of their legal limits.

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Christopher J. Earley, M.D., Ph.D. Baltimore MD Neurology 4/28/1997
Norman John East, M.D. Eagle ID Pulmonology 4/8/2002
Paul A. Easton, M.D. Calgary AB Pulmonology 4/17/2000
Royal J. Eaton, M.D. St. Louis MO Pulmonology 4/6/1992
Matthew Richard Ebben, Ph.D. Forest Hills NY Psychology 9/19/2006
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Lewis B. Eberly, M.D. Alexandria VA Neurology 4/16/2003
Srinivasa Edara, M.B., B.S. Colts Neck NJ Pulmonology 9/20/2005
Pierre Y. Khoury Edde, M.D. Beirut Lebanon Pulmonology 4/11/1999
Jonathan Steven Edelson, M.D. Williamsville NY Pulmonology 9/20/2005
Billy M. Eden, M.D. Fort Worth TX Pulmonology 4/11/1999
Matthew J. Edlund, M.D. Sarasota FL Psychiatry 4/6/1992
Lee C. Edmonds, M.D. Cooperstown NY Pulmonology 4/6/1992
William Russell Edmonson, M.D. Tupelo MS Pulmonology 3/22/2005
Albert L. Ehle, M.D. Chicago IL Neurology 6/26/1987
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Philip S. Eichling, M.D. Tucson AZ Internal Medicine 4/8/2002
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Stephen V. Einreinhofer, D.O. Somerset NJ Pulmonology 4/17/2000
Robert S. Eisenberg, M.D. Pasadena CA Pulmonology 4/6/1992
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Baher M. Elhalwagi, M.D. Longview TX Pulmonology 4/6/1998
William S. Elias, M.D. Roanoke VA Neurology 6/26/1987
Roger Emile Elias, M.D. Internal Medicine 9/20/2005
Arn H. Eliasson, M.D. Silver Spring MD Pulmonology 4/15/2003
Robin L. Elkus, M.D. Farmington Hills MI Pulmonology 4/28/1997
Robert J. Ellingson, M.D., Ph.D. Omaha NE Neurology 4/29/1991
Zaki Elmaghraby, M.B., Ch.B. Melbourne FL Pulmonology 3/22/2005
Jeffrey C. Elmer, M.D. Spokane WA Pulmonology 4/24/1989
James B. Elmer, M.D. Spokane WA Pulmonology 4/17/2000
Ahmed I. Elnaggar, M.D. Statesville NC Pulmonology 4/11/1999
Ashraf M Elsayegh, M.D. Tarzana CA Pulmonology 9/19/2006
Sherene M. El-Sioufi, D.O. North Brunswick NJ Pulmonology 9/19/2006
Khalid Mohamed Eltawil, M.B., B.S. Redondo Beach CA Pulmonology 9/20/2005
Rami Said El-Wali, M.D. The Woodlands TX Pulmonology 9/19/2006
Jennifer Rebecca Ely, D.O. Perry MI Internal Medicine 9/20/2005
Maged M. El-Zein, M.D. Wichita KS Pulmonology 9/19/2006
Jonathan Scott Emens, M.D. Portland OR Psychiatry 3/22/2005
Philip A. Emrie, M.D. Wheat Ridge CO Pulmonology 4/17/2000
Helene A. Emsellem, M.D. Chevy Chase MD Neurology 4/24/1989
Jay Brian Enden, M.D. Setauket NY Pulmonology 3/24/2004
Yohannes Wossen Endeshaw, M.D. Atlanta GA Geriatrics 3/24/2004
Laurence A. Engelberg, M.D. Bay Shore NY Pulmonology 4/23/2001
Richard E. England, M.D. Valrico FL Pulmonology 4/14/2003
Mitchell S. Engler, M.D. Teaneck NJ Pulmonology 4/14/2003
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Aaron Melvin Esbenshade, M.D. Old Hickory TN Pulmonology 4/15/2003
Patricio Escalante, M.D. Glendale CA Pulmonology 4/23/2001
Belen Esparis, M.D. Sunny Isles Beach FL Internal Medicine 9/20/2005
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Elliot N. Exar, M.D. Asheville NC Pulmonology 4/17/2000