Certified International Sleep Specialists

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The American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM) supports the growth of sleep medicine as a medical specialty internationally. Accordingly, when the ABSM administered a certification examination, it offered an examination for non-US or non-Canadian citizens. Candidates who successfully completed the examination were issued an ABSM certificate as a Certified International Sleep Specialist.

Full certification was not granted by the ABSM to examinees in countries outside the US or Canada since full ABSM certification requires not only successful completion of the examination, but also specific training and experience, which could not be adequately monitored or evaluated for non-US or non-Canadian residents. Consequently, candidates who passed the examination under the international policy may not use the designation of Diplomate of the ABSM or ABSM Certified Sleep Specialist when referring to their qualifications.

The ABSM no longer offers the International Sleep Specialist exam.