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There are 5 different pathways by which individuals may qualify to take the RST registry exam. Irrespective of the pathway, all candidates for the Sleep Technologist Registry Examination must:

  • Have completed a program of secondary education (you must have a high school diploma) and
  • Have current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers.

Candidates for the Sleep Technologist Registry Examination must:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements in place at the time the application is submitted and
  • Submit a completed application form and required supporting materials. Supporting materials include copies of a
    • High school diploma or equivalent,
    • Current BLS for Healthcare Providers certification card, and
    • Any other documentation required based on the chosen exam pathway.

When evaluating the eligibility requirements for any of the 5 pathways, determine whether you meet ALL of the requirements. Please do not submit an application unless you meet ALL of the eligibility requirements.

For pathways and application information, please see the Candidate Handbook.

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